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Turbo Visual Ltd.
Turbo Visual Ltd. is an independent consulting company dedicated to provide video borescope services on engines and structures in the airline industry. Whether is a pre-purchase, lease return, on-condition, post-overhaul, troubleshooting or warranty, the video borescope inspections are carried out through to completion with an unbiased assessment of your engine and without delay because we know where to look inside the engine.   

We use a line of rigid and flexible borescopes with measurement capabilities to inspect the compressors, hot section assemblies and capture the results into an HDV recorder. You will be presented with a video DVD in NTSC, PAL or SECAM video formats, stamped dates and titles detailing section by section all the assemblies inspected as per manufacturer inspection guidelines. All discrepancies noted during the inspection will be photographed and supplied with a written condition report.



Long industry experience in the power plant inspection and troubleshooting. Expertise in a variety of engines like Pratt & Whittney turboprops PT6 series, PW 118/100/150/200/300 series, Pratt & Whittney turbofan engines PW 500 series, JTD 15 series, JT 8 series. General Electric turbofan engines CF-34 series & CFM56 series, Rolls Royce Tay and Spey series and continuing taken borescoping training on another types of engines.  


Through hundreds of inspections, Turbo Visual Ltd. achieved a well known reputation within the airline industry and a great deal of experience and knowledge is put toward the inspections which results in a positive costumer satisfaction.  



The following is some of our satisfied clients in their engines, APU's and structural inspections:
Enerjet. Canada
Avmax Aviation Services Inc. Canada
Regional 1 Canada
Avmax Group Aircraft Leasing Canada
Air Logistics Luxembourg
Air Ivoire Ivory Coast
Canadian North Canada
Skyservice Heavy Maintenance YYC Canada
Aero Aviation Inc. Canada
AircraftWorks Ltd. Canada
Busines Air Services Canada
Pollard Aircraft Sales Canada
International Aviation Marketing USA
Public Charters Inc. DBA Regional Sky USA
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